Artisan Heading

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Canterbury Clothiers Company

Bodices, half bodices & doublets, cloaks, wraps & outerwear, wrap pants, 25yd & dance skirts, shirts & chemises, child & adult wrap skirts, tiered skirts, 25yrd & handkerchief skirts, tassled, crocheted, chiffon & leather scarves/belts. Wrist & headbands


Cloaked in Shadows

Cloaks, Robes, Capelets

Crimson Chain Leatherworks

Garments, Belts, Armor, Leather wrapped mugs, Books, Frogs/bauldrics, Bags, Glass Vial holders, Scroll case, Spy glass and holder, Thieves Kit, tails, trays, Cuffs

Dirty Rotten Pirate Leather

Belts, armor, pouches

Feather In Your Cap

Vest, Hat, Pouch, Feather Hat PIn, Jewelry, Mask


Fiona's Fineries

Drinking Vessels, Accessories, Bags, Jackets and Jerkins, Leather Accessories and Armor, Cloaks, Viking Dress, Doublet, Bodice, Pants, Shirts, Chemise, Gowns, Skirts, Corset




Fyne Hats By Felicity

Noble Hats, Felt Hats, children's hats, Flat Caps, jester hats, children's pirate hats, embellished hats, muffin caps

Generations of Art

Stew bones corseted gowns, Handmade holster hip bags, Decorative bottles wrapped accessories


Got Kilt

Great Kilts hand pleat/cheater, Heraldry pins, badges, patches, key chains, Tall boots, Sgian Dubh, Dirks, Shirts, skirts, Pants, acc, Kilts & accessories

Hearts Delight

Accessories, Hats, Women & Men’s & Children Clothing

Hero's Haven

Medieval Apparel, Socks and accessories

House of Genevieve Millinery Emporium

Costume items, assorted leather hair clippies and barrettes, accessory items- straps, holders, etc., sculpted leather accessories, Tea Holster, Quack Medicine Kits, flask covers, feather cockades, jewelry- hat pins, necklaces, earrings, historical and fantasy


Iron Rose Workshops

Bags, Keychains, Buttons, Fantasy Armor, Corsets, Hats, Gambesons, Cloaks

Kommando Kilts

Footwear, Belts, leather sporrans, Shirts, Kilts

Land of merriment

Baby tabard shirt and bloomers, Princess hat and dress, Potter cape, Coin belt, Umbrella, Chemise dress, Children’s costumes and hats

Likely Lotus

Doll Clothes, Clothing, Belts and Sporran

Mimulus Handmade Hair Garlands & Hats

Wands, Maid Marion Crowns, Barrettes, Robin Hood Hats, Merlin Hats, Nikki Caps, Beaded Crowns, Princess Hats, Flower Hair Garland


Mother Hatty's Hat Shop

Floral Garlands, Pirate Scarves, cloaks, Feather Hat Pins, Hats, Hats


Queen Mab’s Store

Witch and Wizard Hat, Leather Hair Slides , Poppets, candles, and magical items

Rena’s leather

Helmets, Tails, Ears, Purses, Clothing, Accessories

Six of  Cups

Large Wreaths/Crowns/ Headbands, Large Wands, Wings, Fairy Dolls, Mermaid Dolls, Tarot bags, purses, belt bags, Small Headbands, Small wands, Fans, Wizard Dolls, Ribbon Necklaces, Lighted headbands


Tailor of Two Cities

Blouses, Skirts, Corsets, Embroidered bags



Mideastern Jewelry, Period clothing

The Royal Garland

Twine Garland. crown, Feather Garlands, headbands, clips and crowns, Feather Fans, flower garlands


White Pavilion

Clothing, Accessories, Notions (buttons, buckles, clasps)

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Blackjack Art Glass -
Pane in the Glass

Stained Glass Panels, Suncatchers, Pendants


Crane's Post, Inc.

Optics, ink sets, dragon statues, books, maps, pewter, silver, brass, tankards and goblets, hornware, woodenware, brassware, pottery, jewelry, wood swords, shields, crossbows, catapults, cutlery, metal armor, helms, shields, flags, hats, shirts, leather ar


Creations In Glass



Frank Keith Art



Glass Robin

Glass jewelry, Glass sculpture, Pashmina scarves


The Horn Shoppe

Drinking Vessels, Hair Accessories, Kids Accessories


Mama Dragon Studio

Seam rippers and hooks, Wands, Pens, Steampunk Jewelry, Ornament

Tendigrads Staff and Wand

Wands, Staffs, Spell Books

Translucent Images

Natural rocks and minerals carved, Crystals, Blown Glass Balls, Lotus's, Stained Glass Table Top, Stained Glass Panels, painted rocks, wishlaces, crystal point necklaces, bead stringer


Booth name




Baubles and Beasties

Stained glass/crystal wind chimes/home/garden accessories, Hair combs/sticks, barrettes, braid coils, hairbands, nets/snoods, Slave anklets, slave bracelets, head pieces, ear cuffs, stained glass/gemstone jewelry

Candys Creations 4U

Hand shaped Crystals, Unicorn and Fawn Horns, Wire elf ears, New Misc - Crowns, Dragon eggs, Potion bottles, Dragon adoptions, Miscellaneous items-  Journals, Wands, Pirate bottle, Dragon box, Earrings - Steampunk and Fantasy, Hats, Snoods and Headbands



Jewelry, fork sculptures


Crystal Copper Art by Rob & Cathy Feather

Jewelry, medieval faire clothing


Crystal Mountain Oils & Incense

Essential & fragrance oil, Aroma jewelry, Incense

Crystal Seen Trading

Jewelry, Dragon Pearls, loose crystals and minerals for on the spot wire wrapping, wire wrapping


Dank Artistry

Sculptures, jewelry, fairy bells

Dingoz Designz


Father Thyme Herbals

Essential oils, Skin care, Crystal and stones, Natural remedies, Hand dipped incense, Beard care Shannon

Fierce Flare



Haires Magical Wears

Ear cuffs, Drinking horns, Blowing horns, Horn headband, Rings, Horn holders


Karneval Masque

Venetian-Style Masks, Facial Adornment


Lucky lulu

Buffalo nickel bracelets, Buffalo nickel glazed necklaces, Glazed picture dime pendants, Hand painted leather earrings, Hand stamped leather cuffs


Majestic Hair Flower

Majestic Hair Flower, extra stems


Majikah Perfumery

Hand blended perfume, Decorated perfume bottles


McNoodle's Craft Emporium

Flower Crowns, Wire Crowns, Necklaces, Foam Crowns, Earrings, Ivy Crowns, Sprig Crowns (Laurels, Witch/Wizard Hats, "Viking Hoods"/Capes, Wire Wrapped Rings, Flower Clips, Rainbow Catchers, Keychains, Flower Headbands

Medieval Metals

Cut coins, Jewelry, Stones, rocks, gems


Mermaid's Sparkle Shop

Charms to hold pearl inside of, Oyster Harvesting for Pearl


The purple dragon shop

Fragrance oils, sage bundles, incense, jewelry


ShellerBelle Soapiary

Salt Soaks, Cold Process Soap, Lotion, Sugar Scrubs, Bath Bombs, Lip Balm, Lotion Bars, Shampoo Bars, Beard Oil, Beard Shampoo


Shiny Dragon Jewelry

Pendant Necklaces, Beaded bracelets, necklaces, earrings, Leather goods, Chainmail jewelry and accessories


Skulls & Stones Jewelry

Jewelry, Art Work, Refinished Furniture

Steam & Gears

Jewelry, Hats/fascinators, Notebooks, fans, tea cup holsters, Parasols, goggles, miscellaneous accessories


Storm Watch Jewelry

sterling silver rings, pendants, earrings, rings, pendants

Tabby's Factory

Jewelry, Incense burners, Wind chimes


Utopia Armoury

Custom Chainmail Garments/Costumes, Chainmail Jewelry and Accessories, Chainmail Odds and Ends

Winged Shadows

Crystals (Polished and Raw), Handmade Jewelry, Clay Sculptures


Your Name on a Grain of Rice

Name & design on Rice - in a glass vial


Booth name




Apocalypse Caravan

Books, bag, belts and armor pieces, headbands/crowns/masks, jewlery


Badger Blades

Handcrafted, Fully Functional, Combat Ready Swords, Knives, More

Dwarf Mountain Knives

Swords, Daggers, Knives, Axes, Spears and Polearms, Various blacksmith, Mini Swords

Emporer's Needle Leather

Roses, bodices, skirts, jerkins, cloaks, belts, pouches, purses, bags, accessories- barrette, wand cases, manacles, keychains, etc., mugs

Hollow Earth Swordworks

Sword Salve, Leather Accessories, Wooden Crossbows, Wooden Practice Weapons

Inner Beast Leather

Bodices, jerkins, armor, drinking vessels, hats, belts, pouches, accessories (also second etsy shop at )

Legacy Forge

Hand crafted swords, Hand crafted daggers and knives, axes, hammers, polearms, leather sheaths for our swords


Lords of Leather

belts, bottle hanger, boots and shoes, essential oil diffusers, weapon holsters, helmets, leather and straps, armor, bracers, pauldrons, purses and pouches, leather jewelry, accessories


Lugh's Forge

Custom Tuatha De Swords


Mask Parade by Vincent Ur

Hand sculpted leather festival masks

Mischief and Mirth Studios

Leather Masks, Hair pieces, Leather Head-pieces, Leather accessories


Perth Pewter

Figurines, Oil Lamps, Jewelry, Crystal Ball Holders

Poetic Earth Journals + Bags

Handmade journals, satchels-bags



Misc. leather accessories, Hats, belts, baldrics, pouches, Footwear


Rotten Dave's Wooden Mugs

Mugs, crotchet animals toys, jewelry, music box


Saltfork Craftsmen Artist Blacksmith Association

Blacksmith Demonstration


Skapa Leather

Bracers, belts, pouches, modern goods (wallets, keychains, etc.), pauldrons and accessories

Southwest Silhouettes

Metal Art Sculpture


The Shadowed Stranger

Leather costumes, cloak. and robes, dice staffs


Warlords Crusade Armor

NEW ITEMS Hand forged Blades/knives, Leather bound journals, weapon frog, Leather /steel helmets/crowns, Leather bags/pouches, Leather Baldrics, Leather Belts, Leather shoulder pauldrons, Leather and Metal bracers, Armor Breastplates

Wolf Den Leather

Leather findings and tools, animal pelts and skins and tails, flags, leather hats, coin sash, handmade kids baldrics w/wooden or composite sword, Hand made leather items

World In Chains Chainmail

Chainmaille Oddments, Chainmaille Belts, Chainmaille Headdresses, Chainmaille Bracelets, Scalemail, Chainmail Armor, Chainmail Necklaces, Chainmail Headbands

Ye Artisans Lair

Men's Waist Belts, Headbands, wristbands and chokers, Refillable note/artist’s books, Vanbrace, Adult Bracers, Ladies Bodice Belts, Children's Bracers, Mystery Pouches, Painted or Inked Banners

Booth name




Alde'ware Dragon Eggs

Preemie Dragon Eggs, Lillydrake Eggs, Porzantia Eggs, GOT Eggs, Gorgano Egg


The Bilge Pumps

CD's, DVD's, T-shirts, Canvas Bags, Flash Drives

Captain Roughknuckles

Polished Stones, Slice agates, Gemstone mining mixes, Geodes, Geodes

Fancy Faces and Moonflower

Face and Body Painting, Bling Bar

The Hugs Project

Military Support Group, Wooden Patriotic Bracelets, Outdoor patriotic signs, Dog Leases, Original Art


Leaning Tree Apothecary

Essential Oil Blends, Bead Bugs, Oragon Pyramids, Glow in the dark crystals


Moonflower Face Painting

Small/Eye Design, Half Face, Full Face, Glitter Makeup

Moonflower Face Painting

Oklahoma Fairy Hair

Magically fusing sparkling strands of hair


OU Confucius Institute

Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, knots, fans

Patrick's Arts

Caricatures, Art prints & sculptures


Portraits by McSquared imaging

Portraits in costume, prints made on site, Frames for portraits

Rainbow Zebra crafts

Clay art, Crochet art, Jewelry


Gemstone Jewelry, Crystals and Rocks, Leather Bags


Seymours of London

Socks (otk, plus, kids & reenactor), Feathered wings, plumes & hat pins, Mugs, Faire Friends, Bodice chillers


SKY ChairsHanging chairs 

Three Bells Tapestries

Tapestry wall hangings, Custom tapestry


Tracey Creations & Swendsen Wood Shoppe

Pottery, Slipcast, Fiberart tools, Sheilds, Swords & knives, Polearms, hand weapons, crossbow, etc., Puzzles, Hobbies, Toys, Related Odds & ends

Two Butterflies

Flexi Hair Clips, Wire Circlets, Wire Fantasy Ears, Hand-blown Glass Fantasy Creatures, Fuzzy Animal Ears, Clay Horns and Unicorn Horna, Hairsticks , Tiny hat fascinators


Valhalla Horns

Flaekja game/viking wall art, Horn Accessories: Combs, hair pieces, mug holders, cork screws, Rune Sets, Horn mugs/cups, Horn Feastware, Drinking/Blowing Horns

Zenobia- Life Consultant/
Psychic Readings
Readings, Assorted Tschoskies


Booth name




Ash and Griffin Pottery

Jewelry (pendants), coin banks, sculptures, decorative wall hangings, pitchers, teapots, mortar & pestle, butter bells, salt shakers, juicers, lamps, bowls, plates, Mugs, tankards, cups

The Baltic Cottage

Tree people, Gnomes, Bottle stoppers, Tree mugs, Mushrooms, Bowls, Dragon eggs


Dragonrose Designs

Hand-Sculpted Horns, Hand-Sculpted Figurines/ornaments, Hand-Sculpted Pendants, Hand-Sculpted Hair Accessories

Hands Unlimited

Hand sculptures, Bases


Little River Pottery

Mugs, bowls, Platters, Bottles, Canteens

Monsters of Mayhem

Mugs, Goblets, Plant pots, Incense Burners, Pendants


Redstone Pottery


Seneca Creek Ceramic Arts

Mugs, cups, Bowls, Vases, sculpture, garden decoration, miscellaneous (hair sticks, necklaces, plates, platters


Silver Root Studio

Mugs, Flasks, Shrunken Head Ornaments

Stonecraft Arts

Home and garden sculpture, home and garden sculpture, wearable art


Wood backed Metal wall hanging, Wood boxes with metal trees affixed, Tree Pendants, Bracelets, Free standing 3D steel wire trees, Steel Tree Magnets

Booth name




Camelot Arms

Flail, sword frogs, Throne Chairs, Maces, Hammers, wooden daggers, Pikes, spears and Battleblades, Quarterstaffs and halbergs, Wooden Shields, Wooden Swords


Children's Armoury/ The Compleat Knight

Shields, Children's swords, Pole arms , Long bows, Crossbows, Baldrics


DeRanged Archery

Bows, Traditional Bows, Ground Quivers, Quivers, Arrows, Rings, tabs and Releases, Cross Bow, Korean Tongah and Junjun, Archer's Tassels, Bracers/Arm Guards, Atlatl


Elven Caraven

Elf ears, Fairy dust wand, Horns, Garden Mushrooms, Fluffy Kritter Ears, Pixi Snot

Land of Myth or Not

Dragon Eggs, Fairy Wings, Dragon Tails, Headwear, Flower crown, unicorn horn, Fairy Tales books and story stones, Bubble wands and bubbles, Tangle Fairies, Mermaid and Dragon claw necklaces, Pixie Dust Bottles and Necklace, Fairy garden kit, Fairy Games,

Midsummer Knights Dream

Handmade Fine Art Fantasy Puppets

Siege the Day

Miniature catapults

The Highland Rat

Rats, Dragons, Falcons

Booth name




DragonLady Art Studio

Original Watercolors, Prints of Original Watercolors, Oracle Decks, Matching cloth bag, scarves

Frenchy Designs

Paintings, Bookmarks, Glassware, Prints, Jewelry


House de Burr

Prints of Brass Rubbings, Prints of Brass Rubbings

Paintings by Jamin Still

Prints, Paintings

Ruth Thompson Fantasy Art

Artbooks of same Ruth Thompson originals ONLY, Sculptures, ornaments, magnets of same Ruth Thompson originals  , Embroidered bags & t-shirts of same Ruth Thompson originals ONLY,  Bookmarks of same Ruth Thompson originals ONLY, Giclee prints of same Ruth

Twisted Art and Wand Shoppe

Hand-made soap, Jewelry, Wand Accessories, Prints, Original Paintings, Magic Wands

Wolfsisters Creations

Limited Edition and Open Run Prints, Screen Printed T-shirts, Art Pendants, Key Chains and Pins, Emotional Support Custom Plush animals, Art Books and Coloring Books, Banners and Wallhangings


Woodside Illustrations

Prints at different sizes, Custom drawings and paintings, Original Artwork