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Amtgard - Falcon's Moon

At the Medieval Fair, Falcon's Moon (one of the many parks in Amtgard, but we are the Norman chapter) will be providing entertainment in two main areas. There will be the battlegame demonstration area, and then an area showing the crafting side of Amtgard

Arthurian Order of Avalon

The Arthurian Order of Avalon offers multiple performances for the fair: Human Chess Match: (a 32 person scripted performance with staged combat to win the square a pieces 'takes'.) The recently knighted 'kitchen boy' Beaumains has returned to Arthur's co

Athren the Red

This is a walk around act in which I am hired to insult people. I use Shakespearian insults to interact with the people at the faire. I performed last year and was able to work out a bit with the royals as well.



We play the roles of three traveling bards, so we can bring music from all over Western Europe to your faire. We perform a variety of period Western European folk tunes from the middle ages and the Renaissance, many with vocals but some instrument

Black Lips Bonny Moffatt:
Traveller and Storyteller

With a love of storytelling and an intent to inspire curiosity, “Black Lips” Bonny Moffatt shares tales from her travels as a "facilitator" (which is entirely NOT a code word for highwayman or other type of scoundrel).


Black Oak Shillelagh

Black Oak Shillelagh has performed at pubs, weddings, St. Patrick's Day activities, Scottish Festivals, and Renaissance Faires, providing stage entertainment and dance music in the Celtic style. Our repertoire includes traditional Irish and Scottish balla

Bob the Incredible Juggler

Award winning juggling, audience antics and family humor! Highlights can include freestanding ladder, rolling globe (with either a mouthstick combination trick and/or bullwhip routine with a volunteer), Chinese yoyos, combination hula hoop/juggling trick,


Brizeus plays medeival bagpipe tunes accompanied by percussion and bouzouki. We link the beautiful and engaging dances tunes of hundreds of years ago to the instrumental folk music of today. Brizeus' music is all instrumental bagpipe, percussion, and chorale.

Celtic Caterer

Through a series of 30-40 Minute Cooking demonstrations, Chef McBride shows first hand how traditional dishes of the 8 Celtic Nations were cooked and how they can be translated into the modern 21st century Kitchen.  The Chef also goes into numerous small


We play eight to ten songs and a musical story, most preceded with a brief introduction and humorous banter. One set each day is an 'all request show.' In the past, we have done an 'all bird songs' set, as well as a 'world music set' and an 'Irish music set’.


EznDiL is a high energy comical music act with professional musicianship, great harmonies, and bad Dad jokes. The couple has a wide variety of songs and stories in the Celtic tradition making sure everyone is included.


I am a broadside balladeer. I sing songs that I hope will capture the attention and imagination of the patrons.

Hill Irish Dancers

Crowd-pleasing program of traditional Irish dance and music.

Hongell-Darsee Medieval
and Traditional Ballads

Medieval and Traditional ballads from Scandinavia and Europe together with the stories behind them, in particular, exploring the links between Scandinavian, Celtic, North American and other story singing traditions. Performed on both modern and traditional

Jester Rejects

Hello, We are Kent and Kevin Mercer and YES! We are twins (both of us)! Being two captivating entertainers, the two of us are always looking for an opportunity to perform and amaze! We are based out of Kansas City, Missouri, and we have traveled all over.


Joust Evolution

A performance day consists of 1 test of skills show and 2 armored jousts.  Each performance lasts approximately 30 minutes.


Justin the Bard

Songs and music spanning from Celtic to medieval, with an emphasis on the history (and story) of the music.


McTeggart School of Irish Dance

Want some exciting, lively, high energy entertainment for your next event? McTeggart performs year-round for many special events such as parties, festivals, weddings, schools, assisted living centers, corporate events, and much more. Our performances show

Mick Mischief O'Celty

I sing and play guitar irish songs sea songs etc.


Mother Nature

Mother Nature: A giant tree-woman walking on stilts. I meander throughout the fair interacting with patrons.

Norman Singers

Our performance would be approximately a 30 minute series of madrigal songs in conjunction with the theme of "medieval fair".

OU College of Fine Arts

Acts from all five disciplines of the OU College of Fine Arts perform. Singing, dancing, throwing pots, scene from Renaissance era plays, as well as music from this period.

Raptors Keep

Our performance covers the roots of falconry, from a way to feed the family, through the “sport of kings” usage of falcons in organized hunts to the sport as it exists today.  Additionally, we cover rescue and rehabilitation of the birds and conservation.


Rogues Revenge

Storytelling with swords!


Smee the Singing Executioner

Stories and jokes in a jugular vein. Singing macabre songs and specializing in the stomp kick.


Society for Creative
Anachronism/Barony of Namron

Heavy and light combat demonstrations, combat archery, siege engines, arts & sciences demonstrations, bardic performances, Middle Eastern dancing and drumming, European court dancing, medieval board games.

The Bilge Pumps

Performing as a group since 1999, these pirates have been in demand all over the country for their entertainingly goofy stage antics, their well blended and harmonic voices, and their musical skill as they take everyone’s favorite nautical and Celtic music.

The Medieval Society of UCO

Those are fine garments you are wearing there...where did they come from? The UCO Medieval Society is presenting for 2020, Journey on the Silk Road. We hope to educate the public and demonstrate the connection between East and West as one enters our pavilion.


The Merry Sisters and Mayhem

The Merry Sisters and Mayhem perform early Celtic and English tunes, Irish songs, and have begun building a repertoire of Damh the Bard's Welsh and Irish mythology songs.


The Saltire Piper

Play smallpipes in the lanes accompanied by Tony Adams on strings and bodhran.


The Unpronounceable
Irish Band

Medieval and Renaissance period instrumental music to soothe the soul, tickle the fancy, and energize the dancing feet of the Cast. We're your dance band.


Topsy Turvy

Topsy Turvy Show is an acrobatic, family friendly, comedy show. Our brand of circus shenanigans blends acrobalance with whips, hoops, and various other props. Sibling rivalry and pun-tasticness abound! Our current performance line up alternates between di



A description of a "typical" Triskelion performance is hard to do because each is so different. We very rarely play from a pre-set set list, preferring instead to gauge the audience's mood (as well as our own, to be honest) in order to select songs.



American Body, Celtic Soul
An American folk-styled performance of the traditional and contemporary music of the Celtic nations and peoples throughout the world.

Ulysses, the Mage-ificent

Ulysses, the Mage-ificent, is a wandering magician who performs a family-friendly show featuring magic, comedy, the odd stunt or two, with just a bit of historical trivia thrown in. His performance features the earliest trick captured in art, the cups and


Vielle, Medieval Fiddle

Michael specializes in medieval fiddle and vocal music, integrating song stories and improvised engagement with the audience.  Sitting, standing and roving humor. All modes of entertainment considered.