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01 Allhandcraft 1.jpeg


Booth 01, Wood

Clay Flowers, Decorations






02 Ash 3.jpg

Ash and Griffin Pottery

Booth 02, Pottery

Mugs, Bowls, plates and jars, Pitchers, Colanders, Mortar & Pestle, salt shakers, Decorative plates and plaques, Sculptures, Banks, garden mushrooms





03 Baubles 4.jpg

Baubles and Beasties

Booth 03, Jewelry & Adornments

Stained glass/gemstone jewelry, Slave anklets, slave bracelets, head pieces, ear cuffs, Hair combs/sticks, barrettes, braid coils, hairbands, nets/snoods, Stained glass/crystal wind chimes/home/garden accessories



04 Black Dragon 1.jpg

Black Dragon Armory LLC

Booth 04, Toys & Pastimes

Swords, Shields, Specialty weapons, accessories/ sheaths



05 Blackjack 3.jpg

Blackjack Art Glass/Pane in the Glass

Booth 05a, Glass

Stained glass panels, suncatchers, castings



05 Blackjack 1.jpg

Blackjack Art Glass/Pane in the Glass

Booth 05b, Glass

Stained glass panels, suncatchers, castings



06 Candy 3.jpg

Candy's Creations

Booth 06, Jewelry & Adornments




07 Crimson 1.jpg

Crimson Chain Leatherworks

Booth 07, Apparel

Cuffs, trays, tails, Thieves Kit, Spy glass and holder, Scroll case., Glass Vial holders, Bags, Frogs/bauldrics, Books, Leather wrapped mugs, Armor, Belts, Garments



08 Crystal 4.jpg

Crystal Mountain Oils & Incense

Booth 08, Perfumes, Potpourri & Bath Products

Incense, Aromajewelry, Essential & fragrance oil




09 Dragon 4.jpg

Dragon's Lair

Booth 09, Paintings, Prints & Wall Hangings

Hand colored prints, black and white prints, gourd birdhouses




10 Elven 1.jpg

Elven Caravan

Booth 10, Toys & Pastimes

Garden Shroomies, Horns, Elf Ears, Fairy Dust Wand, Elven Ear Cuff Armour, Kritter Klips



11 Emporer 1.jpg

Emporer's Needle Leather

Booth 11, Leather

Roses, Bodices and jerkins, Skirts, Could and cliaks, Belts, Pouches and purses, Mugs, Accessories, Signs



12 FyneHats 5.jpg

Fyne Hats By Felicity

Booth 12, Apparel

Muffin caps, embellished hats, children's pirate hats, jester hats, Flat Caps, children's hats, Felt Hats, Noble Hats, Viking Hats and Hoods, cloth caps



13 Garlic 3.jpg

Garlic Festival Shop

Booth 13, Food

Spices, pickled garlic, salsa, garlic oils, garlic mustard, marinades, garlic stuffed olives



14 Green 3.jpg

Green Faerie Apothecary

Booth 14, Other

Absinthe, Tea, Ointments, Tea strainers



15 InnerBeastLeather 1.png

Inner Beast Leather

Booth 15, Leather

Bracers, Belts, Pouches and bags, Bodices, Armor, Jerkins, Mugs and flasks, Frogs, Hats, Miscellaneous accessories


16 Kris 3.jpg

Kris Fairchild Art & Twisted Art and Wand Shoppe

Booth 16, Paintings, Prints & Wall Hangings

Original Paintings, Prints, Magic Wands



17 LandOfMyth 3.jpg

Land of Myth or Not

Booth 17, Toys & Pastimes

Fairy Wands, Fairy Wear, Dragon Bags, Fairy Games, matching, memory, Fairy garden kit, Pixie Dust Bottles and Necklace, Mermaid and Dragon claw necklaces, Tangle Fairies, Bubble wands and bubbles, Fairy Tales books and story stones, Headwear, Flower crown, unicorn horn, Dragon Tails, Fairy Wings, Dragon Eggs



18 Lughs 1.jpg

Lugh's Forge

Booth 18, Metals

Fairy Swords



19 Majikah 4.jpg

Majikah Perfumery

Booth 19, Perfumes, Potpourri & Bath Products

Decorated perfume bottles, Hand blended perfume



20 McNoodle 2.jpg

McNoodle's Craft Emporium

Booth 20, Jewelry & Adornments

Flower Crowns, Wire Crowns, Necklaces, Foam Crowns, Earrings, Ivy Crowns, Sprigg Crowns (Laurels, Witch/Wizard Hats, "Viking Hoods"/Capes, Wire Wrapped Rings, Flower Clips, Rainbow Catchers, Keychains, Flower Headbands



21 Mother 2.jpg

Mother Hatty's Hat Shop

Booth 21, Apparel

Hats, Cloak, Feather hat Pins, Feather Hair Pins



22 Museum 6.jpg

Museum Replica Shoppe

Booth 22, Jewelry & Adornments

Medieval, Viking, Celtic, Scottish style Pendants, Medieval, Viking, Celtic, Scottish style Rings, Medieval, Viking, Scottish, Celtic Earrings, Medieval, Celtic, Viking Rings + Pendants on Chainmaille



23 Q and A 4.jpeg

Q and A Studios

Booth 23, Other

Hand crafted maps on scroll, Rings, Pendants



24 ShellerBelle 1.jpg

ShellerBelle Soapiary

Booth 24, Perfumes, Potpourri & Bath Products

Beard Oil, Goat Milk Soap, Lotion, Scrubs, Puppy Paw Balm, Lip Balm, Shower Melts, Shaving Soap, D20 Novelty Soaps, Tub Truffles



25 Sheryl 2.jpg

Sheryl Cozad's Medieval Fair Portraits & Scenes

Booth 25, Caricatures & Portraits

Portrait, Portrait, Paintings of Medieval Fair scenes



26 Skapa 2.jpg

Skapa Leather

Booth 26, Leather

Leather goods



27 Stonecraft 3.jpg

Stonecraft Arts

Booth 27, Sculpture

Concrete home and garden sculpture, Bronze home and garden sculpture, Sterling Silver & Bronze Wearable Art



28 Swendsen 3.jpg

Swendsen Wood Shoppe

Booth 28, Toys & Pastimes

Sword, shields, polearms, handweapons, hobbies, wheelies & puzzles, accessories



29 Tendigrads 3.jpeg

Tendigrads Staff and Wand

Booth 29, Wood

Magic Wands, Magic Staffs, Jewelry/Accessories



30 TheHighlandRat 3.jpg

The Highland Rat

Booth 30, Toys & Pastimes

Stuffed Rats, Stuffed Dragons, Rat Pouches and Bags



31 TheRovingFrog 2.jpeg

The Roving Frog

Booth 31, Leather

Belt pouch, Tote/market bag, Shopping purse, Jerkins, Bodice



32 TheRoyalGarland 4.jpg

The Royal Garland

Booth 32, Apparel

Feather Garland, Silk Flower Garland, twine headpiece, feather fans, flower headbands



33 Toasted 1.jpeg

Toasted Wine Fruit Spreads

Booth 33, Food

Toasted Jelly, Toasted Pasta Sauce, Toasted Wine Slushy Mix, Toasted Pepper Sauce



34 Tracey 2.jpg

Tracey Creations

Booth 34, Pottery

Mugs, bowls, plates, yarn bowls, Extreme Crochet hooks & knitting needles



35 Translucent 4.jpg

Translucent Images

Booth 35, Historic Curios

Painted rocks, wishlaces, crystal point necklaces, bead stringer, Stained Glass Panels, Stained Glass Table Top, Lotus's, Blown Glass Balls, Crystals, Natural rocks and minerals carved



36 WhitePavilion 1.jpg

White Pavilion

Booth 36, Apparel

Apparel, Leather goods, Buttons, clasps



37 WingedShadows 2.jpg

Winged Shadows

Booth 37, Jewelry & Adornments

Handmade Jewelry, Crystals (Polished and Raw), Clay Sculptures




38 WorldInChains 2.jpg

World in Chains Chainmail

Booth 38, Metals

Chainmail Headbands, Chainmail Necklaces, Chainmail Armor, Scalemail, Chainmaille Bracelets, Chainmaille Headdresses, Chainmaille Belts, Chainmaille Oddments



39 Zenobia crop.jpg

Zenobia - Life Consultant /Reader

Booth 39, Readings

Please use email to contact to contact me for readings zteller@gmail.com

Website information   https://zenobiateller.com/  

Hello - for the 2021 Online Medieval Fair of Norman, I will offer Cards, Numerology and Rune readings. These run 20 minutes and are priced at: 4 cards, runes, numbers picked- $30,    5 @ $35, 6 @$40   

For those who would prefer a more, in-depth Life Consultation (1/2 hour, hour and up), please contact me at: Email- zteller@gmail.com , Website- www.zenobiateller.com , Facebook- Zenobia-Life Consultant/ Psychic

I will be available for consultations during the run of the Virtual Faire: April 9 - 11, Friday - Sunday, 2021. 11 am - 6pm.

My regular Consulting schedule is: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 am - 8 pm. Wednesdays,  1 pm - 8 pm.

Payment methods- PayPal, Venmo and Square. Readings are done via Zoom, FaceTime. I look forward to hearing from new, and repeat, clients soon. 

Thank you, Zenobia


Welcome - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Nzu4y-pj6GecA4xwdzbi0VzzwDXLHzoa/view?usp=sharing 

Numerology - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t_e00WeHzewrG5DeeLahqb-AlFfryXCH/view?usp=sharing



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