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2023 Artisans List

2023 Artisans List

Published: Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Artisans List is sorted by Category and then by Booth Name. It should be searchable in this format for you.

Program Category Booth name First name Last name Booth Nmbr Products/Services
Apparel American Highlander Kilts Christopher Beyer 519 Traditional Tartan Kilt, Sporran, Kilt Pin, Kilt Hose (Socks), Kilt Belts, Jacobite Shirt, Sgian Dubh, Tartan Sashes and Plaids, Utility Kilts
Apparel Canterbury Clothiers Company  Melvin Lamb 026 Women's casual and dance wear, Women's dance and casual wear, Men's casual wear, Men's casual wear, Accessories
Apparel Cloaked in Shadows Beth Minster 119 Cloaks, Capelets, Mannequin Outfit with Cloak
Apparel Cosgrove leather works  Adam Cosgrove  508 Belts guitar straps , Hair earrings,  barretts, Wristbandmugstraps
Apparel Feather In Your Cap David LeRoy 192 Vest/Doublet, Hat, Hat, Masks, Feather Pins, Shirts
Apparel Fiona's Fineries Christine Fellows 094 Corsets, Gowns, Chemise, Leather Jackets and Vests, Leather Accessories, Leather Hats, Shirts, Skirts, Pants, Cloaks, Jingle Scarves, Bodice, Doublets
Apparel Generations of Art Lisa Keenan 208 Corsets , Leather bags and accessories , Artisanal cermaics/sculptures , Att scrolls and hand bound journals , Linen shirts 
Apparel Hart & Horn Angela Hartshorn 302 Poppets, candles, and magical items , Leather Hair Slides , Witch and Wizard Hat
Apparel Hearts Delight Deborah Mesker 131 Women & Mens & Children , Hats, Accessories 
Apparel Hero's Haven Michael Journigan 243 Natural Fiber Clothing & Costumes, Historical Stockings, Accessories-Parasols, Veil Pins, Lace Fans, Leather Garters
Apparel Kommando Kilts Kim Dealy 132 kilts, shirts, belts, headwear, footwear, sporrans
Apparel Mimulus Handmade Hair Garlands & Hats Melinda Kendrick 426 Wands, Maid Marion Crowns, Barrettes, Robin Hood Hats, Merlin Hats, Nikki Caps, Beaded Crowns, Princess Hats, Flower Hair Garland, Hair Stix
Apparel Saxony Leather Company Veronica Stewart 037 Leather Accessories, Woman's Bodices and Coats, Men's Doublets, pants and coats, Pouches, Bags, belts, holsters, Hats and caps, conchos, plumes, hatbands, tails, Leather Ponchos/Cloaks
Apparel Starry Dreams Boutique starr majerus 443 Accessories, jewelry, hair Dormans, scarves,, Crochet clothing including tops, hand and head warmers, Wrap around clothing including skirts, pants, dresses, ECT, Parasols and hand fans
Apparel Tailor of Two Cities Deborah Billingsley 047 Women's Clothing, Pouches/Bags
Apparel T'gertoggs T'gallen Stone 028 Period clothing, Mideastern Jewelry
Apparel The Royal Garland brenda marcelain 190 Feather Garland, Silk Flower Garland, twine headpiece, feather fans, flower headbands, dried flower garland, flower and feather clips, wings, oak leave garlands
Apparel Todd Henderson Ubergeek Todd Henderson 053 Sporran, Replacement Pin, Steampunk Goggles, Goggle Lenses, Arm Garters, Arm Garter Medallions, Chokers, Skirt Hikes, Mug Straps, Firefly Serial Number Plates, Clasp, Brooch, Kilt Brooch, Hair Stick
Caricatures & Portraits Caricatures by Dorinda Dorinda hoke 061 Caricatures
Caricatures & Portraits Caricatures by Robert Lange Robert Lange 141 Caricatures
Educational Hands Unlimited Joseph Goddard 435 hand sculptures with bases
Educational OKDHS Foster Care/Adoptions Candice Graham 223 Foster Care/Adoption
Educational Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History Tia  Ruppert 010 educational
Face & Body Painting Body Art Factory Face Painting Lacey Warren 221 Face Painting
Face & Body Painting Fancy Faces Face Painting Leslie McElroy 089 Face and Arm Painting, some with Bling
Face & Body Painting Henna Arts Association Darla Smith 244 Henna Body Art
Face & Body Painting Henna Body Art / Wood Roses Tamara Vanderhoof 058 Henna, Roses wood
Fiber Celtic Marketplace  Linda Dunn 504 Embroidered bags , Tapestries , Suncatchers , Bells
Food Garlic Festival Shop  pat west 033 Seasonings , pickled garlic, garlic salsa, garlic mustard, marinades
Food Henderson's Hearth Amy Guilbeau 436 Packaged Mixes & Jams, Wooden Cooking Items, Gift Items
Food Let Them Drink Cake Ande Wolf 517 Boozy cakes
Food Ms. Nettie's Herbs Spices & Teas  Monkey Salsas & Jams Lynette LaMascus 210 Dips and Rubs, Teas and Herb , Salsas & Jams
Food Rickey's Jerky Ryan Rickey 310 Gourmet Beef Jerky, Exotic Meat Jerky
Food The Saucy Wench Grayson Selby 060 Hot Sauces, Condiments, Spice Blends, Drink Mixers
Food Toasted Wine Fruit Spreads Corey Carolina 006 Toasted Pepper Sauce, Toasted Wine Slushy Mix, Toasted Jelly, Toasted Pasta Sauce, Slushed Power Mix
Food Two Brothers Fudge Company Steven  Mason 042 Handcrafted Fudge
Glass Creations In Glass  Al/Carolyn  Gardner 139 Glass blowing
Glass Glass Robin Abby Robin 201 Hand blown glass jewelry and sculpture, Pashmina /silk scarves
Glass Glassy Girls Lauren Lamb 408 Prisms, Stained Glass, Tree of Life Hand Beaded Wind Chimes, Healing Stone Jewelry, Wind Chimes- Hand Beaded
Glass Star glass Elisha Knight 461 Window ornament, Glass jrwlery
Glass Translucent Images Jessica Ducharme 234 Stained Glass Panels, Stained Glass, Rocks and Minerals, Blown Glass Balls, Jewelry
Historic Curios Alva Art Golden Images Gregory  McClure 217 pottery, leather goods, toy shields/ swords, staves, sculptures
Historic Curios Crane's Post, Inc. Lisa Crane 055 leather armor, leather goods, pouches, fur, etc., flags, hats, shirts, cutlery, metal armor, helms, shields, wood swords, shields, crossbows, catapults, hornware, woodenware, brassware, pottery,jewelry, pewter, silver, brass, tankards and goblets, optics, ink sets, dragon statues, books, maps
Historic Curios Heartland Pens Shep Walker 012 Custom crafted pens, Game Boards, Kitchen gadgets
Historic Curios Mama Dragon Studio Melida Boman 212 Necklaces , Wands, Hair sticks / crowns, Handmade pens/hooks/razors 
Historic Curios Vikings of Eclipse Trading Company Megan Morgan 516 Wood boxes, plaques,jewelry , Leather, bracers, crowns, jewelry, bags, teasets, Shoulder Pets, Gnome Hats!, Candleholders
Jewelry & Adornments Candy's Creations 4U Candy Swope 134 Crowns - Fairy and Renaissance , Elf Ears, Chokers/Necklaces - Steampunk and Fantasy, Potion Bottles, Fan Holsters, Dragon eggs/adoptions, Hand shaped crystals, Watches - Steampunk, Fantasy, Anime, Bracelets - Steampunk, and Fantasy, Unicorn and Fawn Horns
Jewelry & Adornments CapturingEssence Rachel Edens 051 Chainmaille Jewelry, Leather Pouch Purse
Jewelry & Adornments Coolerjewelers  Randy Davis 311 fork sculptures, jewelry
Jewelry & Adornments Cosgrove Creations Alan Cosgrove  509 Jewelry, Woodworking, Carved gourds, Rocks and fossils 
Jewelry & Adornments Creekmore Jewelry Nancy Creekmore 102 Jewelry
Jewelry & Adornments Crystal Seen Trading Co. Dennis Kincaid 247 Wire Wrapping, Loose Crystal and Minerals For wrapping, Dragon Pearls, Jewelry
Jewelry & Adornments Dank Artistry Dan Kemp 195 spoon jewelry, wind chimes, silverware sculpture
Jewelry & Adornments Fairywood Grove Rachel Gesslein 007 Butterfly jewelry, Metal cameo jewelry, 3d printed dragon jewelry, Resin horns
Jewelry & Adornments Haires magical wears Susanna Haire 245 Wire ear cuffs, Drinking horns, Sounding horn, Assorted Resin
Jewelry & Adornments JessTCreative Jessica Thompson 515 Handcrafted earrings and necklaces, Wooden wands, swords, and warhammers, Art and Illustration Prints 
Jewelry & Adornments Jv Jewelry  Jessica Vardanyan 518 Jewelry , Accessories , Jewelry , Jewelry , Jewelry 
Jewelry & Adornments Karneval Masque Tim Keable 128 Facial Adornment, Venetian-Style Masks
Jewelry & Adornments Lollipop Junky LLC Jennifer Discenza 524 Earrings, Stud Earrings, Hair Clips/Bows, Necklaces, Magnets/Pins, Trinket Dishes, Headband Crowns
Jewelry & Adornments Lyndsey Smith Creative, LLC Lyndsey Smith 411 Handmade earrings, Art Prints, Window Ornaments
Jewelry & Adornments Magickally Intertwined Christopher O'Brien 088 Wire wrap jewelry: hair adornments, crowns, tiaras, bun covers, , Wire wrap jewelry: ear cuffs, Wire Wrap Jewelry: rings, metal sculpture, wire wrap jewelry: misc pendants bracelets, custom work
Jewelry & Adornments McNoodle's Craft Emporium Miranda & Jorge Carrizales 090 Witch/Wizard Hats, Rainbow Catchers, Flower Clips, Wire Wrapped Rings, Ivy Crowns, Sprigg Crowns (Laurels, Earrings, Foam Crowns, Necklaces, Flower Crowns, Small cloth bags
Jewelry & Adornments Medieval Metals kelli kline 129 jewelry, cut coins, rocks, stones
Jewelry & Adornments Midnight Mining Co Heather Teague 522 Jewelry , Hanging mobiles , Magic wands, Self mined crystal , Crystal tree
Jewelry & Adornments Moon Goddess Jewels  Liana Valadez 511 Jewelry 
Jewelry & Adornments Museum Replica Shoppe Adam Probert 406 Celtic and Renaissance style pendants, Celtic and Renaissance  style pendants, Celtic and Renaissance style rings, Celtic and Renaissance designed rings
Jewelry & Adornments Rainbow Crystal Max Knight 123 Jewelry, Sun catchers
Jewelry & Adornments Raventree Pewter Mark Krehbiel 507 Hand Poured pewter Jewelry, Whimsical Fairy Wands, Crystal Sculpture
Jewelry & Adornments Rivers Herbalists  Ariana  Rodriguez  441 Artisan Handmade Watercolors, Plant Based Paint, Medieval Masks, Artisan Textiles & Tapestries , Enchanted Terrariums & Wood Floral Arrangements & Accessories , Magical Wands, Assorted Crystals, Sizes, & Styles , Medieval Castles, Jars, Glassware, Metaphysical Crystals; Tumbles, Tower, Spheres, + More, Sculptures & Oddities, Assorted Tarot / Oracle Cards & Papercrafts, Medieval Castles, Jewelry & Clay Creations, Decorative Trays, Assorted Designs, Styles & Sizes
Jewelry & Adornments Shiny Dragon Jewelry Kathryn Humphrey 070 Pendant Necklaces, Beaded bracelets, necklaces, earrings, Leather goods, Chainmail jewelry and accessories
Jewelry & Adornments Storm Watch Jewelry Ron Pace 101 sterling rings, sterling pendants, gold rings, gold pendants, pendants
Jewelry & Adornments Tabby's Factory Jan Bruton-Novello 024 Jewelry, Incense burners, Wind chimes
Jewelry & Adornments The Copper Feather Teresa Gabrish 500 Jewelry, Laser engraved wood products such as boxes and keychains
Jewelry & Adornments The Sunken Hollow Christina Trammell 437 Jewelry, Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends, Apparel Items
Jewelry & Adornments West of the Moon Pamela Gray 127 Jewelry, Cloaks, Hats, Scarves
Jewelry & Adornments Winged Shadows Jewelry & Crystals Catherine Barrett 122 Crystals (Polished and Raw), Clay Sculptures, Handmade Jewelry 
Leather Black Raven Trading Company Richard Cathey 219 Fox tail and metal ring key chain, purse decoration, European Boar, Sheep skin rugs, Finnish Reindeer rugs, Viking Drinking Horns, plain, painted, carved, Antler and bead, replica claw jewelry and necklaces, Viking leather and metal helmets and armor, Viking belts, Viking shields
Leather Black Wolf Leathers Tony Caban 011 Breastplate, Pauldrons, Bracers, pouches, Sword belts, Jewelry/trinkets
Leather Dragon Cat Leather Philip  Huy 424 Accessory, Beverage , Cosplay , Journal 
Leather EMPORERS NEEDLE LEATHER Elizabeth Lehman 197 Roses, accessories, Mugs, Pouches and Purses, Belts, Cowls and Cloaks, Skirts and halters, bodices and jerkins, signs
Leather Fame and Fortune Leather Jesse Grabowski 412 Leather Pauldrons, Leather Pouches, Leather Bracers, Belts, Bodices, armor, Baldrics, waist cinchers, Small accessories, Vests
Leather Goblin Worx Leather Company LLC Michael Madzek 520 Astd Leather Goods (product list emailed with photos)
Leather Inner Beast Leather Katherine Williams 432 Bodices, Jerkins, Pouches & bags, Belts, Armor, Chart weights, Mugs, flasks, Misc. accessories , Fresh flowers
Leather poetic earth handmade leather journals+bags Steven Malone 431 journals, leather book bags
Leather Renboots Doug Dealy 133 footwear, pouches, belts, leather accessories
Leather Scoundrel Leather Co HEART HOLSHOUSER 462 Bags, Cuffs, Bracelets, Cinch bags, Hats, Aprons, Wallets, Vambrace
Leather Skapa Leather Virginia Guedes 098 leather goods
Leather The Shadowed Stranger Stephen  Willis 225 dice staffs, cloak. and robes, leather costumes
Metals Badger Blades Impus Delectii 428 Handcrafted, Fully Functional, Combat Ready Swords, Knives, More