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Medieval Fair Cast


The Cast Program provides individuals an opportunity to learn about the history, customs, manners, music, dance and dress of the time period while developing improvisational acting skills in preparation for their performances at the Fair. 

Auditions will be held Sunday, October 8th, 2023, 1pm-6pm, at the Oklahoma Memorial Union, Heritage Room, 2nd Floor, 900 Asp Ave., Norman, OK 73019.  
Signup for a timeslot at:
Be more than just an observer, become part of the team that brings the Medieval Fair to life!
These are improv auditions. You don’t need to prepare any audition materials ahead of time; that’s the magic of improvisational theater. Come prepared to show off your loudest voice or quietest whisper, to sing a song or perhaps to whistle it, to delicately dance or trippingly tumble, to share what you love to do or to ask us why we do this. Veterans wanting to play a new character and novices must audition. Costumes are NOT required for auditions. If you are unable to attend this day, please contact the Medieval Fair Coordinator Ann Marie Eckart by email at
Beggars, peasants, townspeople, nobles and others are needed. This is your opportunity to learn a lot about interactive environmental performance (improvisational street theater) and a little about medieval history, costuming, dances and more. You don't have to be an actor, just a good team player that is willing to learn and to have fun!
(Rehearsals are Sundays 1pm-5pm October through March at the Union. Optional choreographed combat classes will be on Saturdays 4pm-6pm at the Forum.)

Cast Members

Annabelle Alvarez - Princess Constance of Castille
Emma Alvarez -  Princess Isabella of Castille
Mary Barczak -  Lady Maud de Ufford, Lady In Waiting to Crown Princess Joan
Meagan Bray -  Mistress Sylvia Alexandra of York / Director of Song & Dance
Liz Breen - Cast Photographer / Cast Videographer
Amber Cannon - Unpronouncable Irish Band
Angela Cannon - Unpronouncable Irish Band
Bruce Cannon - Unpronouncable Irish Band
Ava Carmack - Evangeline du la Forêt
Amber Carr - Lady Beatrice de Stafford, Lady In Waiting to Princess Isabella
Kassandra Cherry - Lady Joanne Perle, Herald to Crown Prince Edward
Cody Clark - Twp of the Motleys
Walker Clay - Sir Geoffrey Chaucer
Michael Corley - Lord Mayor John Wroth
Malkyn Currie - Captain Jeanne de Clisson
Deborah Curry - Queen Mother, Isabella of France
Gwen Curry - Princess Blanche Plantagenet
Aiden Draeger - Lord Andrew, Herald to King Edward III
Ann Marie Eckart - Mistress Ann Marie, Harbinger to the King
Jay Edwards - Director of Improvisation

Kaci Fransen - Crown Princess Joan of Kent
Laura Fulk - (Queen) Maria de Padilla
Terri Fulk - Lady Eleanor de Bohun
Amanda Fulk - Lady Elizabeth de Juliers, Lady In Waiting to Queen Philippa
Leslie Gillies - Nanny Madelaine, Retired Nanny to the Princes
Devyn Goddard - Lady Isabel MacDuff, Lady In Waiting to Crown Princess Joan
Braden Henson - Prince John of Gaunt
Nicki Henson - Rosalie Clermont, Dressmaker to Queen Philippa
Makenzie Higdon - Mistress Margery Arkwright
Marques Hinson - Samuel Alainne la Conffiere, Privateer
Tricia Hutchinson - Lady Rose, Lady In Waiting to Queen Philippa
Art Ingle - Lord Humphrey de Bohun, Lord High Constable
Mark Jackson - King Edward III
Oliver Jackson - Olivier de Clisson, Son of the Captain
Parker Johnson - Prince Edmund of Langley

Amy Kercher - Mistress Alison Blount
Carlie Langlois - Princess Isabella
Theresa Lepak - Lady Joan Plantagenet
Adia Lepak - Princess Mary of Waltham
Mason Lords - Sir Edward de Courtenay, Herald to Prince John
Shelbie Marks - Baroness Euphemia de Neville
Milo Marlatt - Fray Maddock, Privateer
Sharon Mathews - Katherine Swynford, Lady In Waiting to Princess Blanche
Michaela McCall - Pip the Fool – Fool to Crown Prince Edward
Ashley Oliver - Queen Philippa

Nico Penic - Geoffrey de Chateaubriant / Director of Cast
Leslie Raymond - Desi of the Motleys / Costuming Coordinator
Robert Raymond - Schmertz of the Motleys
Matt Rogers - Hemp of the Motleys
Forrest Rush - Sir Henry Grosmont, Lord High Steward
Jennifer Russell - Duchess Margaret of Norfolk, Earl Marshal
Ricky Sanabria - King Pedro I of Castille
James Smith - Robert the Fool – Fool to Prince John
Nick Southwood - Crown Prince Edward of Woodstock

Mary Wavering - Eleanor de Neville, Lady In Waiting to Queen Maria