2021 - 2022 Medieval Fair Season

The pandemic may have knocked us back a bit, but medievalists don’t give up easily! We are happy to return with an array of lectures and activities as we prepare for the 2022 Medieval Fair of Norman to be held 100% at Reaves Park on April 1, 2 & 3.

Join us as we ignite the spark of curiosity that leads to lifelong learning through educational entertainment. 

Special Events

Chessboard Auditions, Sat., Oct. 2nd, 10am

Arthurian Order of Avalon Chessboard Auditions at Thurman J. White Forum building (1704 Asp Ave) Sat. Oct. 2nd 10 am

Optional Pre-Audition Workshop, Sun., Oct. 3rd, 2pm

If you're interested in auditioning to be part of cast and are feeling a bit nervous or unsure then join us for this optional pre-audition workshop. Heritage Room, 2nd floor mezzanine, of the Oklahoma Memorial Union 2pm-6pm.

Lecture Series

Shakespeare's Libels, Friday, Oct. 1st

"Shakespeare's Libels" presented by Professor Joseph Mansky, English Department, University of Oklahoma (Zoom available)

Medieval Music for Praying, Courting, and Dancing, Friday, Sept. 3

"Medieval Music for Praying, Courting, and Dancing" presented by Professor Jennifer Saltzstein, Musicology Department, University of Oklahoma (Zoom available but only at the time of the lecture.)

Medieval Werewolves: Monsters Often Misunderstood, Friday, April 30

Dr. Panxhi will discuss the origin stories of medieval werewolves.


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