Stage Schedule

  • March 31, 2022, 11:33 p.m.

Stage Schedule
Start TimeJousting FieldGryphon StageRoyal CourtTroubadour StageUnicorn StageMerlin's StageCamelot Stage
10:00 AM Topsy TurvyOpening Court Bardmageddon Jester Rejects
10:45 AM BrizeusKnightingEininiBob the Incredible JugglerSmee the Singing ExecutionerHuman Chess Game
11:30 AMSam Noble Museum Weapons Demo (Sat & Sun)Black Oak ShillelaghKnightingTriskelionTullamoreMickBilge Pumps
12:15 PMAOA Song & Dance ShowTopsy TurvyEnd of Parade DancingJustin HallBardmageddonA Mirage Dance Co (Sat Only)Jester Rejects
1:00 PMJoustBrizeusKnightingEininiBob the Incredible JugglerSmee the Singing ExecutionerRaptors Keep Birds of Prey Show
1:45 PM Black Oak ShillelaghKnightingTriskelionTullamoreEznDilBilge Pumps
2:30 PMSam Noble Museum Weapons Demo (Fri only)Topsy TurvyCostume ContestNorman Singers (Sat only)BardmageddonBaron Uriah WolfstarJester Rejects
3:15 PM BrizeusTalents of Avalon ShowJustin HallBob the Incredible JugglerSmee the Singing Executioner (Fri & Sun) McTeggart Irish Dancers of OK (Sat)Human Chess Game
4:00 PMSam Noble Museum Weapons DemoBlack Oak ShillelaghKnightingEininiTullamoreUlysses the Mage-ificentBilge Pumps
4:45 PMAOA Song & Dance ShowTopsy Turvy & Jester RejectsKnightingTriskelionBardmageddonA Mirage Dance Co (Sat Only)Raptors Keep Birds of Prey Show
5:30 PMJoustBrizeusKnightingJustin HallBob the Incredible JugglerSmee the Singing ExecutionerBilge Pumps
6:15 PM Last Huzzah/Black Oak Shillelagh  Tullamore (Fri & Sat)  
Performing around the Fair and in the lanes throughout the day:
Arthurian Order of Avalon, Athren the Red, EznDil, Fugli, Knights of the Order of Joan, Medieval Society at UCO, Mother Nature, Music of the Glass Harmonica,
Saltfork Craftsmen Artist-Blacksmith Assoc., Society for Creative Anachronism, Ulysses the Mage-ificent, Yeomen Bodyguard
Celtic Caterer
In the south by the blacksmiths and the joust!
Cooking demonstrations, cookbooks, and supplies from Chef Eric McBride.
Friday 4:00, 5:30           Saturday 12:15, 1:45, 4:00, 5:30          Sunday 12:15, 1:45, 4:00


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