The Archaeology of the Night Sky

  • April 14, 2019, 9:25 a.m.

The Archaeology of the Night Sky

Medieval Fair Free Lecture Series
WEST Norman Public Library, 300 Norman Center Ct.
"The Archeology of the Night Sky: Star-Gazing from the Renaissance to Now" presented by Kerry Magruder, Associate Professor, History of Science Collections & Brent Purkaple, Graduate Research Assistant, Library Administrative Services, University of Oklahoma.

Our view of the night sky is filtered through many layers of cultural heritage and representation. In this richly illustrated presentation, Dr. Magruder and his assistant will examine images of the constellations from star atlases and other historical sources, to discover how the wonder of the sky at night is common to science, literature, and art. They will also show how to access these images for your own creative, educational, or research-related projects, through the unveiling of The Sky Tonight website (

The Medieval Fair Free Lecture Series is cosponsored by the OU Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Come learn more about the middle ages just for the fun of learning! No papers, no tests, just interesting information about life long ago.


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