2020 Cast

The Cast Program provides individuals an opportunity to learn about the history, customs, manners, music, dance and dress of the time period while developing improvisational acting skills in preparation for their performances at the Fair.  Read this for more details and to see the rehearsal schedule, About the Cast .


Want to show off your inner Knight or Lady, Jester or Musician?  Auditions to be part of the 2019 Medieval Fair cast will be October 6,  2019, 1 PM to 6 PM at the OU Memorial Union in the Bartlett Room (across from Crossroads Cafe). 

1.  Let us know if you'll be there and get more details at theFacebook event page.

2.  You can create an account and complete your application ahead of time at mis.medievalfair.org to save time.


2019 Cast

The Royal Court

King Edward III – Mark Jackson
Queen Philippa – Ashley Oliver
Edward the Black Prince – Fox Whitworth
Princess Joan of Kent – Katie Whitworth
Princess Isabella – Kaci Fransen
Princess Mary - Adia Lepak

Prince Thomas - Ian Jackson
Queen Mother Isabella – Debora Curry-Adams
Royal Children - C. Whitworth, F. Whitworth, J. Whitworth, B. Whitworth, A. Alvarez, E. Alvarez

Duchess Margaret of Norfolk, Earl Marshall of England – Jennifer Russell
Sir Henry Grossmont, Lord High Steward of England – Forrest Rush
Lady Eleanor de Bohun: Terri Fulk
Lord Humphrey de Bohun: Art Ingle


Sir Andrew Ashmole, Herald to the King - Brendan Donahue
Johanne Perle, Herald to Prince Edward – Kassandra Cherry
Lady Joan Plantaganet, sister of the King: Theresa Lepak
Lady Elizabeth de Juliers – Amanda Fulk

Lady Isabel MacDuff - Kirah Llamas
Lady Maud Plantagenet – Bailey Chaples

Townspeople of Avalon

Lord Mayor, John Roth – Michael Corley
Lord Mayor's Daughter, Marcy – Izzie Corley
Lord Mayor's Daughter, Alice - Whitney Vaughn
Mistress Grace Whittington – Leslie Gillies
Mistress Margery Arkwright – Makenzie Higdon
Mistress Sylvia Alexandra of York – Meagan Bray
Mistress Alison Blount, pilgrim extraordinaire - Amy Kercher
Sir Geoffrey Chaucer - Walker Clay
Mistress Emmaline Parr - Dixie Huckabay


Captain Jean de Clisson,
the Lioness of Brittany  - Madison Currie
Geoffrey de Chateaubriant, Eldest son of the Captain - Nico Penic
Bosun Aiofe  - Wynne Clark

The Motleys

Desi – Leslie Raymond
Hemp – Matt Rogers
Schmertz – Robert Raymond
Twp – Cody Clark

Production Staff

Director of Cast – Cody Clark
Director of Song & Dance – Meagan Bray
Director of Improvisation – Jay Edwards
Costuming Coordinator - Leslie Raymond
Photographer / videographer – Liz Breen