2017 Performers

Performer Applications for 2018 will be due in October!

This is the information you will need to have ready to submit your online application: Proposal Requirements (PDF)


Even if you have already submitted an email proposal please submit one in the new system as well. This will give the Entertainment Jury the ability to view ALL applicants before the jury meeting.

  1. Read the Proposal Requirements document (link above) and gather all your information.
  2. Go to https://mis.medievalfair.org and Create an Account
  3. You will receive an e-mail message with a confirmation link to activate your account that must be activated before you may submit an application. (If you get an error confirming your email address such as 'bad token' PLEASE click the link to request a new confirmation token.  The system will NOT allow you to fully submit your application until the email has been confirmed.)
  4. Create a Performance Application
  5. Once completed, reviewed, and confirmed the final step is to SUBMIT your application.  Scroll to the bottom to find the bright green submit button.  If you don't complete the final SUBMIT step we won't receive your application!

Important Information

Entertainment for the Medieval Fair is selected by a jury process.  The Medieval Fair is a medieval festival and not a renaissance festival.  The flavor is as different as chocolate is to vanilla.  The year is 1360 in Avalon England near Glastonbury Abbey and King Edward III has just signed a peace treaty with France.  The Entertainment Jury is focused on selecting quality acts that best fit our theme as well as our mission statement “To ignite the spark of curiosity that leads to lifelong learning through educational entertainment.”  The Medieval Fair is a program of the University of Oklahoma Outreach.  All performances and content should be appropriate for general audiences, i.e. Rated G.