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UPDATE: The 2021 Medieval Fair will be held April 9, 10 & 11 as a virtual extravaganza of artists and performers.  Food vendors will be present at Reaves Park 11am - 7pm Friday & Saturday and 12pm-6pm Sunday at the Medieval Fair Food To Go event.  Social distancing and masks are required. APPLICATIONS ARE LIVE

Read This First!  Info, Rules & Procedures

Application system: Medieval Fair MIS

Deadlines & Important Dates

February 1st – ALL Vendor and Performer Applications due

March 12th- Accept/Reject notices to be sent

April 9th – Vendor payments due 

April 1st – Last day to withdraw.  Proof of insurance due (if required).

Wednesday before Medieval Fair – Food Vendors may set up.

April 9, 10 & 11, 2021 Medieval Fair!  11am - 7pm Friday & Saturday, 12pm-6pm Sunday

Monday after Medieval Fair – Mandatory hotel & sales report due from Food Vendors.

May 12th – Commission payments due from Food vendors.

(For those of you that are new or those that aren't quite sure how to convert your renaissance festival/fantasy fair look to an educational reenactment type medieval fair here is very helpful link to Rosalie Gilbert's website.  Rosalie's Medieval Stallholder Help - Easy medieval clothing ideas for non-re-enactor stallholders, musicians & performers attending a medieval festival.)

Artisan and Food Vendor Applications

Please review the Information, Rules and Procedures PDF carefully before submitting your application.

There is a nonrefundable $15 Application Fee due with ALL vendor applications. Remaining fees will not be collected until AFTER you have been accepted. ALL artisans, not just the new ones, must submit a complete list of products or services. Your product descriptions will be visible to patrons - type carefully! INCLUDE PICTURES! Neither our patrons nor our jury have all 200 vendors memorized by name.  Only one application per booth allowed. 

Applications must be submitted through the online system at  


  1. Gather all your information including photo files and website links.
  2. Go to and Create an Account (or log in to your existing account)
  3. You will receive an e-mail message with a confirmation link to activate your account that must be activated before you may submit an application. (If you get an error confirming your email address such as 'bad token' PLEASE click the link to request a new confirmation token.  The system will NOT allow you to fully submit your application until the email has been confirmed.)
  4. Create a Food Vendor or Artisan Application. **Artisans - if your "Percent of Products to be Sold" does not total 100% it will not allow you to save and continue. Do NOT input decimal points or percentage symbols in this field.  If it is 80% only enter the number 80.  
  5. Once completed, and reviewed the final step is to SUBMIT your application.  Scroll to the bottom, check the "I certify..." box, find the bright green submit button, submit application.  If you don't complete the final SUBMIT step we won't receive your application!
  6. After you submit you will be sent to a payment page where you may pay by credit card.  If you prefer to mail a check or money order, download and print your payment form  to send with your application fee. 

Additional Information

  • Liability insurance is required of ALL in-person vendors.
  • Smoking is not permitted at the park
  • Artisans- we are a juried craft show. Please consider applying if your work meets the following criteria.
    • Conformance to the 14th century fair theme
    • Handcrafted items or art
    • Artisans who demonstrate their craft 
    • Quality of workmanship and unique product offerings
  • The following products are prohibited:
    • Replica guns
    • University of Oklahoma trademark items without proof of licensing agreement
    • Plastic items such as commercially produced products one may find in a flea market
  • A processing fee of $25 will be charged for ALL returned checks. 


  • Application fee $15
  • Artisan Listing $10
  • Food Vendor Eclectricity $150
  • Food Vendor 20% Commission

Additional fees: 

  • Temporary food vendor permit from Cleveland County Health Department
  • Insurance for in-person event food vendors

Contact Information: 

  • Email:
  • Temporary office phone until at least May: 405-209-1576
  • Mailing address:  Medieval Fair Department, 1700 Asp Ave., Norman, OK 73072

Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding as we all strive to keep the Medieval Fair of Norman alive in the hearts and minds of our patrons while staying within the restrictrions created by the pandemic situation.  - Ann Marie Eckart, Medieval Fair Coordinator